The SAY YES PHOTOBOOTH is the ultimate package; it’s neat, compact and really looks the part.

We’ve taken the latest in design and graphics to produce one of the best looking, most practical and functional party photo booths available anywhere.

What’s more, because the SAY YES PHOTOBOOTH is a modular system, it can access all areas and reach the places other photo booths can only dream of going.

Stairs, doorways and restricted access pose no problem for the SAY YES PHOTOBOOTH.

The booth can accommodate as many guests as are willing to squeeze in behind the curtain (we’ve had up to 10 people in one booth).

Say yes Photobooths provide a new and exciting way for your guests to have happy and fun memories of you big occasion. Give your guests something to talk and laugh about while they capture the special moments of your day or evening.

Whatever your event at Say Yes PhotoBooth we can offer you a personalised service to rival the best there is.

What’s more, you don’t need to worry about the technology of Say Yes photobooth. Even though it’s very simple to use, you’ll have the full benefit of one of our Say Yes “Butlers” on hand to help and guide you if needed.

A SAY YES PHOTO BOOTH’s can be used for any type of event/party including:

  • Wedding Receptions

  • Corporate Events

  • Graduation Ceremonies

  • Charity Events

  • Engagement parties

  • Christmas Parties

and many many more. Just give us a call and we can discuss your requirements and come up with a fabulous bespoke solution for you.